Out of the Box Date Night Ideas

I get it, trying to find time to spend time with your spouse can be hard. When you finally DO get that time scheduled out the age old questions arises- “What do you want to do?” While you could always do the dinner and a movie thing, here are 5 great out of the box ideas to shake things up a bit!

1. Participate in an IKEA photo scavenger hunt.

I was going to suggest doing a city-wide scavenger hunt where you and the hubby go out and take pictures of local monuments, restaurants, etc. But I came across this list in my research and it looks hilarious!!! This is a fun activity if you are getting a couple of your friends together for a double date. The rules are pretty simple:

  • Get a group of friends and divide into teams (couples vs. couples, men vs. women, etc.).
  • You and your team try to get as many pictures taken as they can by the end of the alloted time (time is up to you).
  • Losing team buys dessert!

I am really excited for trying this one out and although my husband does not enjoy IKEA (who doesn’t enjoy IKEA?? Is it a guy thing or just my guy??) I think I can trick him into having fun with this neat idea! I feel this date idea will work for other stores or shopping centers. I can totally see myself making a list for us to use at Cabela’s!


2. Date night at the Science Center.

The Science Center isn’t just for chaperoning your 5th graders field trip any more! With their Science With a Twist, the Science Center hosts a monthly themed event that includes music, cash bar, and live demos. It is a 21+ event with a $12 admission fee for non-members. It also includes access to all four levels of the Science Center! The inner nerd inside of all of us is crying happy tears right now.

For the naughtier crowd, the Science Center also offers Lasers & Liquor. This event will have you rocking out to bands like Pink Floyd and Metallica synchronized to a laser show projected in the Science Center’s planetarium. They offer concessions and karaoke beforehand. Admission is $10.

3. Go star gazing at the Estrella Star Tower.

This is a really romantic (and free!) spot to go with your date. The Star Tower is set on the edge of Estrella Mountain. Arrive a few minutes before sunset and watch the stars come out. The tower itself has a fun design and the whole atmosphere encourages visitors to cuddle a little tighter while there.

Address- S Estrella Pkwy, Goodyear, AZ 85338

4. Attend a free car show in Scottsdale at Talking Stick.

This event occurs every Saturday from 4-8 pm and features over 300 cars and motorcycles. Not a big car fan? Go for the same reasons I do, FOOD! Many food trucks show up and it’s a fun way to catch dinner and enjoy the gorgeous Arizona weather.

5. Go to the Desert Botanical Garden for their concert series.

If you love music under the stars, this date night will be just for you! The Desert Botanical Garden hosts Music in the Garden, an event that showcases local artists of all different genres. The best part is that you will be listening to music among the beautiful landscapes of the Sonoran Desert. This guaranteed to spice up your date night as you are being serenated in a gorgeous desert setting. This is a 21+ event with a non-member fee of $30.

Finding time together can be hard, so why not make it an exciting and different night? I myself have not been to a couple of them and am eager to create some new, fun memories with my hubby!




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